10 Equestrian ideal location you can participate

10 Equestrian ideal location you can participate

You have to imagine a scene adventure? In it, you will jump on the saddle, the pilot quickly and saw a lot of wildlife in a relaxed manner without car intervention. This is nothing difficult at all. Together we explore 10 locations best ride you can join immediately.

1. Botswana’s Makgadikgadi

“This area is very wide, distant and mysterious” – that was the verdict of the David Foot of organizations Ride Botswana. During the dry season (from May to September), you can gallop up to the beautiful oasis. You can also stay overnight at Camp Kalahari. This place is for experienced riders.

However, this place will not reduce the cost of services riding in the wet season, though muddy soil but they said that this season is very rich fauna, you’ll even see the river flamingo lake.

2. Great value – South Africa

Value for money in South Africa is very low, the price of the service companies in this area is quite low given so South Africa is home to equestrian service providers relatively ideal for horse riding to death British hands or the US. You can have a whole week riding at rates may Moolmanshoek £ 1000. In addition, there are areas Moolmanshoek Witteberg- famous mountains is Endurance Arabian horse sanctuary. This tour is for those who know they are involved in horse racing is.

3. Okavango Classic


This place is ideal for horse riding through the lowlands flooded lilies, and strode to the giraffe, tracking wild animals like elephants. There are three camps in the Okavango horse, this horse each camp has its own interesting things. This place is for keen riders, experienced horses.

4. Morocco

This region is known for the sand dunes of the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains to your promises horseback adventure full of unforgettable experience. You can pilot themselves through a lot of palm oases. At night you can camp look up a sparkling starry sky above the desert sky. This place is for the average rider or horse trading in high positions. Note, through the winter, spring temperatures are ideal places to ride.

5. Waterberg – South Africa


The neighboring small hut in Waterberg is a good choice if you want to go riding alone. Protected areas where wildlife is great, you can freely and watch them ride comfortably. This place is for all those who are capable of horse racing are going to be without the experience too much.

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