Bac Ha horse grocery

Bac Ha horse grocery

‘Exchange’ hundreds of gorgeous horse is an integral part of the fair Bac Ha (Lao Cai) is known.
Horse trading scene takes place early in the morning in the center of the town of Bac Ha (Bac Ha, Lao Cai) in one day Tet Giap Ngo. Horse Fair is part of the Bac Ha market – famous highland markets in the Sunday meeting.
Outwardly, sometimes appearing more men each took a horse in the market.
As to the market, horse owners often horses column on fence for a stroll in the markets before bringing the horse to participate in the purchase – sale.


Bac Ha famous horse is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful horses. Since ancient times, horses were closely linked with people’s lives Bac Ha in particular, as well as with people throughout the Northwest in general. Horses supposedly sentimental species, especially with very sad faces.
Horse owners are introducing a “commodity” to reach the fair was exciting. Each stallion big, beautiful code, which cost about 35 million.

Most notably customers in markets as traders from the city on this. They watch carefully every time a horse entered the ‘sights’.


Once customers were satisfied, the transaction usually takes place very quickly. As horse owners discovered price, buyers pay only the price by 1, 2 times is going to ‘final’. As well as personality definitive characteristic of the Northwest mountain people.

Attracting the most attention is the male horse racing horses can do. At around June every year, at Bac Ha horse racing takes place, attracting tens of thousands of tourists from every corner of the view.

Like all markets other northwestern regions, Bac Ha horse fair is not just a place to buy – sell, but also where local people meet, exchange only once per week.

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