Equestrian reduce stress for teens

Equestrian reduce stress for teens

Spend time and equestrian care can reduce the level of stress for teens.
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This is the result Research Association recently psychological interaction between humans and animals USA announced.

Through saliva testing of 130 young people participated in the training ride lasts for 12 weeks, researchers found that those who are taking the time to relax the four-legged animals this stress hormone levels significantly lower the control group.

Interacting with animals had a positive impact on children, help them to improve self-esteem.


In the survey, students have 90 minutes each week to learn how to brush and riding horses while providing saliva samples before and after the course to the scientists analyzed stress hormone cortisol concentrations.

Dr. Patricia Pendry (Washington State University, USA), said: “We found that those who participated in the program to maintain low stress hormone levels throughout the day and evening compared with other groups.”

Dr. Pendry fascinated with the above results by high cortisol levels in the body, particularly in the afternoon is a risk factor causing the development of psychological pathology. She also expressed confidence that riding can be developed into a form of therapy to help patients with psychological problems.


“We are particularly focused on optimizing production of the stress hormone mechanisms in their adulthood. The previous scientific studies have shown that stress hormones secreted at a reasonable level of health protection can mentally and physically for the children, “she explained.

Evidence from previous studies shows that interaction with pets such as dogs, cats or horses are very good for children because it helps them improve self-esteem and confidence. However, seeking to reduce stress through care and have fun with the new horse is mentioned for the first time in this study.

The results announced are expected to make up the platform steps to develop methods to prevent mental health problems in adolescents.

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