Horse Auction

Horse Auction

At the village, Ngoc Ly (Tan Yen – Bac Giang) while it was still bustling from dawn. Whinny, said bargain, bargain, laughing of buyers and sellers dispel quiet atmosphere of rural agricultural capital.


The dusty dirt road rallying the truck carrying horses and buffalo small enough to type. About this, I was told the names of people and monthly income of the “giants” horse traders. Entrepreneurship horse did for the face of the social change that is economic growth, children have jobs, many young people are not going to hire any more, they get rich on their own homeland.

Who for many years worked as first or second village Nguyen Van Vien contract is 48 years old. Since he was a young man he was sticking with the horse. To date he has had 26 years seniority. Initially, horse traders in communal profession not “play more” as it is now. Sitting with him all morning I realized what I know about horses is too little. In fact there are six or seven different types of horses and each with the same horse with the distinctive features as well. White Horse has 3 types of white, pink and white swallows platinum.

Crucial point to distinguish between white horses and horses are often the eyes and nails. Genuine horse transparent eyes looked like marbles ticks, also covered with a white horseshoe of white, pink nose, pink eyes, genitals pink, pink fur and tail, and body without a black dot.
After a conversation between me and Mr. Park, he led me out to visit the family’s horse farm, in the barn with the horse as all kinds of white horses, horse platinum, colored horse, riding purebred horses.

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