Horse ‘handsome’ in the world

Horse ‘handsome’ in the world

According to San Francisco Globe, the horse is named after the reigning king of Prussia from 1740 to 1786.

It has glossy black plumage as ink, long, curly mane, owned by Stacy Nazario Pinnacle Friesians farm. This farm is where horses bred famous Frieasian, based in the Ozark Mountains, the Central American highlands.

Friesian Horse Association of North America, this horse breed originating from the Netherlands. After exporting to many countries around the world, it is at risk of losing the same breed and purebred.
However, after many efforts of a group of Friesian horses love the early years of the 20th century, they have maintained the purity of the breed varieties.


Nazario, horse owner, said he bought it from the Netherlands in 2007. Frederik even necessarily a Facebook page with over 12,500 fans. On pages with numerous photos and video art.

“Frederik, he is the best horse I have ever seen. The new God created his artwork, made me breathless and stunned,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

Frederik was to become a father since August last year. Vaughn, son, it is outwardly identical to this announcement was 9 months old.

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