Horse training

Horse training

Horses are one of the closest animal to humans and horses also contribute a lot to the people on issues such as mobility, transport, farming, war and even in the field of sports. To get it, he must have a long time to tame horses and take care of it very carefully.

Horse training is an art. The training begins when the horse is still young, human contact with horses that animals become more extrovert, then teach the horse with the rope. Coaches will tie into the horse’s head and ran around in a circle at the same time listening to the horse up as stop orders, walk, run … Yen horses and riders are taught to ride a horse slowly familiar fearless. Some time later, they will teach the horse using his legs or arms to control the horse discretion. For example, they used to make the abdomen legs end in passing horse, reins pulled backwards behind to signal to the horse stopped, jerked to the right to turn right; jerked to the left to turn left so …


When training horses, workers will begin by irritating the horse and continue until your horse is habit forming, people walked new urge its stomach; or squeezing the legs of the horse’s stomach and pressed again to stop only when a new horse went straight to it. Horses have a very good memory and attachment, but close to someone also depends on the horse’s temperament. A horse taking fear or aggression is often difficult to get up. So, through the care for horses, humans can close with horses, from which to understand and train more horses horses easier.

Caring for horses

The quantity of food eaten daily horse depends on their work. Horse gently working or not working, the grasslands also enough to feed them every day without having to add any special foods other. A horse weighing 500 kg will need daily amount of grass to eat about 7 kg. Kind of heavy work horses need to eat more added every day to stay healthy cereal and weight. However any horse should also drink water and a number of minerals every day.

Currently, horse riding is a sport loved by many. This is also the sport requires players to know to interact with the animals. Riders must first learn about the characteristics of the horse and cultivate experiences themselves playing with the horse, then the horse riding school. By the way, riders learned so many things from the horse, from how to sit comfortably on horseback to work to understand its streak to control discretion. It is this interaction helps the students know behave calmly and controlled the situation better.

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