PVC Double-Pipe/Four-Pipe Production Line

PVC Double-Pipe/Four-Pipe Production Line

PVC Double-Pipe/Four-Pipe Production Line

Product Features :

-The line is mainly for producing U-PVC pipes for wire and cable.
-It can extrude two or four pipes at one time, which enhances production efficiency dramatically.
-Each pipe is hauled off and cut individually, which effectively lowers unqualified ratio in pipe production.


Product Description :

 1.PVC pipe making machine / PVC pipe extrusion line application:

PVC pipe application and usage amount is far ahead in the plastic pipe field,good surface hardness and tensile strength, good anti-aging, high safety factor, it is widely used in electrical cable pipe,water supply pipe,drain pipe, agricultural water supply system, architectural water supply system, pavement of cables etc


2.PVC pipe making machine / PVC pipe extrusion line feature:

2.1 This pvc pipe extrusion line can solve the problems of high temperature melting, high viscosity, easy-decomposition. The special designed screw, gearbox, tooling make the line reliable and easy operation.


2.2 Whole extrusion line consists mainly of twin conical (parallel) screws extruder, vacuum calibrating tank, haul-off unit, cutting unit, tilter, etc. single screw extruder and haul-off unit have applied imported A/C inverter, both vacuum pump and driving motor have applied excellent products. The drawing machine includes two-claw type, three-claw type, four-claw type, six-claw type, eight-claw type, etc. Saw cutting or planet cutting can be applied, it is additionally applied with length measuring meter and thickness increasing device, the property of machine group is reliable, the production efficiency is high.


2.3 Specified screw design of profile get better plasticizing and more stable extrusion. For high filling formula, screw of SKD61(Germany) imported material with alloy sleeve treatment barrel can guarantee perfect solution


2. 4 Swallowtail splitflow support type extrusion mould can reduce joint line of the melt material, with large compression ratio design, pipe density will be higher and mechanical properties will be stronger


2.5 Vacuum calibration tank adopts high-efficiency two chamber which bring fast cooling


2.6 The hauloff adopts multi belt structure, the pipe suffers uniform stress and less deformationTraction is more stable and reliable, It can realize the stable traction for 20-1000mm pipe,Each traction belt can be independent

controlled and mutual switch to meet the needs of different diameters


2.7 Planetary cutter adopts mechanical and hydraulic feeding in option,It can realize synchronous precision cutting of pipe and chamfering faunction

 3.PVC pipe making machine list:

No. Name Qty.
1 Screw feeder/vacuum charger 1set
2 Conical twin screw extruder 1set
3 Extrusion mould 1set
4 Calibrator 1set
5 Spray vacuum Calibration table 1set
6 Dip-in water tank 1set
7 Haul-off  machine 1set
8 Automatic cutting machine 1set
9 Stacker 1set

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