PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Line

Máy sản xuất ống nhựa đôi PVC

PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Line

| PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Line 20mm – 63mm

The PVC dual-pipe extrusion line was developed by Xinhe Machinery combined with foreign technology. The main machine SJSZ-51, 55, 65, 80 conical twin-screw extruders, equipped with an independent double-tube single-control stainless steel spray setting table, avoids the waste phenomenon of adjusting one tube and affecting the other tube during production. The control double tractor and cutting are integrated with the previous double shaping technology, which makes the operation more flexible and allows you to appreciate the benefits brought by the separate control of the two-pronged operation. The double-tube extrusion pipe diameter is from Ø16 to Ø110, which can make full use of the extruder. Extrusion capacity, even the production of small diameter pipes can reach extremely high output.

Máy sản xuất ống nhựa đôi PVC

PVC dual pipe extruder is suitable for 20-63mm pipe diameter and wall thickness of PVC plastic pipe. Because of its characteristics, it is widely used in oil field raw
material gathering and transportation, chemical temperature and corrosion resistance pipes, hot water and warm water supply and drainage pipes, and only Buried high voltage and ultra-high-voltage power transmission, cable protection and other fields.

| PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Machine Application

1. Conveyance of water, under pressure
2. Sewerage piping systems
3. Drainage piping systems
4. Electrical, telecommunications engineering pipeline

| PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Machine Video

| PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Technical Parameter

PVC pipe production line

| Complete PVC Pipe Production Line

PVC pipe Extrusion

| PVC Dual Pipe Extrusion Machine Detail:

Extruder Part

Verticle High torque gearbox Gearbox, clean and fast cooling system

pvc pipe production line


pvc pipe production line  

Mould Part

Extrusion head inside spider structure, equal distribution &

best plasticization.

Copper Calibrator with double water ring, stable and fast running on line.




Vacuum Tank Part

Optimized design tank and water pipe system made

from stainless steel.

2. Water pipe and vacuum system stability and adjustable.

3. Vacuum table adjustable in
3-D direction

pvc pipe production line


PVC pipe Extrusion Haul-off Part

Speed range: 0-20m/min.

PLC, Vacuum tank, and tractor are synchronized.

ABB inverter controlled.



Meter encoder with precisely and stability. Ring knife design independently controlled.

Chiless cutter without PVC dust… Each blade diameter easier changed to sharpner.

PVC pipe cutter machine

PVC pipe Extrusion line PVC pipe Extrusion line

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