PVC,PE,ABC Sheet Production Line

PVC,PE,ABC Sheet Production Line

PVC,PE,ABC Sheet Production Line

Product Features

Uses and characteristics:

-The screw is designed with special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity, which makes the plastic melt, the color is even and the extrusion is high.

-The coat hanger die is designed with special double flow design, which makes the thickness adjustment more accurate.

-The temperature control is controlled by 1 DEG C, which can precisely control the plasticizing process and the thickness of the plate, and the flatness.

-The forming roller platform can be freely lifted by vertical or 45 degrees tilt, which can provide more selectivity in the process of plate and sheet operation, and improve the quality of sheet metal.

-Forming roller loop cooling system, with the mold temperature control machine to control the temperature of the roller, so that the thickness of the sheet.

Slicing machine cutting plate length and quantity accuracy.

-Winding device, with high torque motors, with four axis automatic tension control, can adjust the speed and volume of tension to achieve the purpose of smooth rolling sheet, with the cutting device can freely set the desired product width, the machine is equipped with the automatic meter set product length.

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