Recruiting coaches

Recruiting coaches

Due to the need to expand our existing companies need to recruit staff in the following positions:

+ Horse Trainer
+ Coach training ride
Wage agreement
Age: from 18 – 32
Love animals especially horses
There are at least 1 year experience in riding or equestrian qualifications (if any)
Knowledgeable taming and riding horses
Responsible for training horses perform desired actions
Treatment of minor injuries in the case of horses for horse injured
Guidance and training of practitioners of equestrian centers
– To ensure employment and the regime prescribed by the state.
– Awarded, grants to individuals working fine.
– To exchange of learning and participation in the course.
– If no professional company will train more.

Records include:
– Photo Candidates
– Job application
– Curriculum vitae
– Household, ID

Send your application via email address: (remember clearly vacancies)
Company Profile satisfactory will invite interview.

Hotline 0866 676 399
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