Plastic Film Granulation Production Line

Single Screw Pelletizing Line

Single Screw Pelletizing Line

Product Features

The production line is the ideal equipment of plastic granulation, especially for PP, PE, ABS, PS sheet, HDPE, PP solid broken material recycling and granulation. The production line has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption and high yield etc.. Vacuum exhaust or natural exhaust port design can exclude the waste gas and discharging water in the production process, which can be more stable in extrusion, more dense particles, and guarantee the good quality of the product.
1: The efficient forced feeding ensures high feeding and low energy consumption.
2: It equipped with a special design of the barrel and screw and single screw exhaust system, can ensure high yield.
3: The cutting system adopts extrusion die head water ring to cut, which can ensure the perfect appearance of particle.
4: The auxiliary machine has the particle cooling and grading machine. 

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