The exhibition “Horses in the Mountains” by Do Duc: Life horse, life

The exhibition “Horses in the Mountains” by Do Duc: Life horse, life

1. As the name implies, the paintings in the exhibition are a horse silhouette. And all horses in competition are feeling the burden shrugging. In Do Duc paintings, horses sometimes stand alone middle of acres immense silvery green paint over complicated (picture Spring).


Or horses with people as companions, to rely on each other to fill the loneliness. Bearer shoots, cassava heavy, sinking back workhorse firewood. Both dive, walk in the wrong reverse hun smoking depth of rocks and flowers identical messages triangle circuit (as shown in the picture Miles, late afternoon).

Or horses image disturbing villagers stood in the crowd laughed led many poignant (Buc Market session.) In this painting, horse charismatic expression of human feelings.

Do German painter monologue: “The horse with the mountains as a component of the family, the only other person in that no ID card. That’s not a funny thought, that’s true. “Horse Mountain” is so “.

Seeing the writer still frowned suspiciously, Do Duc continued to Ha Giang One time I work. SAP will in a diner, I saw a man who was drunk Mongolia. The owner of uneasiness, sent him to close the shop. In a drunken stupor, he deserted rocky between identical messages. Later, pity, employers slot squeezed him onto the horse ceremonious. And ample horse stepping on sharp rocks, bring home about.


To reinforce the belief of love for “Horse Mountain”, Do Duc tells the story of the scene to sell horses at the fair in Bac Ha (Lao Cai). He found a man who sold horses Mongolia tears when net. Curious, Do Duc stop watch. He saw the man touch the head of the horse said: “I love you too! But I’m poor too. Only you can save me now home hungry. Anyway, on with the new owners well remember him as good with me. Never had the money, I will redeem you “!

2. The exhibition features paintings drawn horse RV throughout Germany from 1981 to 2013. The period is quite long with many ups and downs of life as well as the artist’s life changed uplands. But the horse image remains unchanged. We are sad, lonely solitary sadness of the cup where intensive painting.

Do Duc explained: “I’m not so happy to draw horses. By all these years living in the highlands, I found good upland people suffering too! Just pick up the paint to draw a horse, I would imagine to those who strive all day between the drawers of cat ears. Or bruising reefs cattleman footprints go on sale. Sell ​​leave permanently but as a grateful friend. Sell ​​that as cutting the intestines … ”

“Iconic painting horses in Germany is very new and unique parking” – Painters Le Tri Dung, who painted horses for more than 30 years of development assessment Lam “Because the horse in a painting of horses Do Duc unlike fat, you Personnel ethnic Korean or mighty war horse, spirit of compassion Hong of China. Do horses in Germany’s picturesque horse-drawn short legs, her baby, large mane. It brings strength endurance, endurance horse characterized northwest Vietnam “.

And artist Bang Lam, former Vice Chairman of the Fine Arts VN commented: “In painting Do Duc, the horses are embedded into the landscape with rocks braved cold feeling overwhelmed. These paintings make viewers not only enjoy but also penetrates the scene, that the hearts of people and highlanders, where the ends of the country. “

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